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Mutinta H.

Mutinta H.

Panevėžys33 m.3 m. patirtisnuo 860 € už mėn.

I offer interior cleaning services, dusting, mopping, I also have a special skill of being able to arrange things in a house.
Other than that, I can prepare meals, Washing/laundry and ironing.
I love to leave a mark in rooms that I clean.
I have a special love for Children too, I love a happy ambient home full of laughter.
I do not require supervision,once given a duty, I see to it that I deliver deligently.

Telefonas: rodomas tik nariams


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Laikas: pagal užsakymą

Atlygis: nuo 860 € už mėn.

Patirtis: 3 m.

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