Martyna Ž.

Martyna Ž.

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I'm a young creative professional - I have a bachelor's degree in communications (creative industries) and love doing arts and crafts. I started searching for my path after my studies since I realized that my professional field does not interest me. I've spent a few years abroad where I've been lucky enough to learn more about cooking and food. It stuck to me and till now I'm very interested in nutrition and various exciting recipes. My travels gave me the opportunity to see a part of Europe and for few months - Asia. Though then world pandemic started and I've come back to my roots, to the village side where I'm currently building my life with my partner.

After all the wondering I've realized that it is not important where and how you build your future. The only important thing is to have a goal in life. As this is very personal for every person, after I came back to Lithuania, I've been trying to figure out what is my goal. During the process, I was able to find the ceramics art that I'm currently growing with. Because of it, I was lucky enough to get to know the educator role and get acquainted with local kids. It reminded me how wonderful it is to see children growing and not only teach them but also learn from them. So I've wanted to go to the pedagogy field for quite some time now. I've some pedagogy blood running through my veins though it is a story for another time. Currently, I'm enrolled in a psychology pedagogy knowledge course which will enable me to teach little ones (and mature ones ;) in the future.
Talking about my experience, I've been working with children since I was a teenager myself. I was spending my summers working in the local library organizing various events for children. Which lead me to the nanny's job afterward. I've been so lucky to meet two wonderful children and grow with them. We still have a connection till these days! Also, last year we took a small dog to our small family. So now I'm strongly prepared to try teacher's/nanny's "clothes".

Children are always surprising me with their potential and creativity. Also, I really love nature, so I like to teach through it as well. I believe that this builds up a strong foundation for understanding and compassion for others. We are all dependent on each other so it is in our hands to build the future we want.

So why don't we help our little ones to grow strong and emotionally developed that they would be able to build a wonderful world for themselves and others?
If you are looking for a friend for your children or your pets, I would be more than happy to meet you in person to see if we can make a good fit!

See you soon ;)

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Time: agreed individually (can start immediately)

Pay: from 5 € for an h

Au pair: negotiable

Experience: 3 y

Baby sitting

  • Can work in own home

  • Can work with the disabled

  • Can work with pets

  • Can go outside with children

  • Can do shopping

  • Can cook

  • Can do the cleaning

  • Have a driving license

  • Have a car

  • Don't smoke


I would work with

  1. Babies, 0-1 years old

  2. Toddlers, 2-3 years old

  3. Preschoolers, 4-6 years old

  4. Gradeschoolers, 7-11 years old

  5. Teens, 12-18 years old


Up to 4 children



Institution: Vilniaus Tech Universitetas

Specialty: Kūrybinės industrijos (Komunikacijos bakalauras)

Languages: English, Lithuanian, Dutch, Russian