Bastienne F. ieško auklės

Vokietijanuo 1500 € už mėn.

- Child:
o Number: 1
o Age: 6 months (born in December 2019)

- Location:
o Hamburg, city centre, Germany
o Own room and bathroom for nanny (shower, WC)

- Working days
o 6 days (Monday - Friday, Sunday)
o 1 day off (Saturday)

- Working hours:
o The child goes from Monday - Friday for up to 5 hours to a crèche for babies
o Working hours of the nanny are, therefore, outside of créche and during the night

- Start of work: end of June 2020

- Tasks:
o Baby care (hygiene (washing, changing, baby massage etc.), feeding, playing)
o Delivery and collection from the nursery (15 minutes walk)
o Light household activities
o Washing baby clothes, cleaning baby room
o In the whole apartment (1x a week): Wipe the floor, wipe dust from furniture, clean the bathroom (2 pieces)
o Occasional shopping e.g. diapers, food

- Nanny qualifications:
o Experience in caring for newborns, training as a nurse and/or nursing care is an advantage
o Languages: intermediate knowledge of English, German or Russian
o Age: up to 50 years
o Gender: female
o Medical certificate/health certificate

Telefonas: rodomas tik nariams


Tipas: pagal užsakymą

Atlygis: nuo 1500 € už mėn.

Amžius: 30-50 m.

Patirtis: nuo 5 m.

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  1. 0-1 metų berniukas


Kalbos: vokiečių, anglų, rusų